Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Before you speak, ask yourself...
is it kind?
is it necessary?
is it true?
does it improve on the silence?"
~sai baba


Therese said...

Boy! Thank you for this message! I wished I had that insight a few weeks ago... it must have been my lesson to learn.

SMS said...

Indeed, there is so much extraneous noise on the planet at the moment! As the energy of ego/mind begins to dissipate in these last moments of the third dimension experience, the tendency is for ego to cling to the shreds of a foothold it has had thus far in our Human experience. It has been said that "the ego shouts and the heart whispers."
May we all tune our Selves to the Divine whispers of the heart's Truth!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely reminder to check in with myself on how I would like to handle a situation. I am especially focused on "is it true" lately. It seems important to have this base from which to return --- then I think it helps release certain fears that block how I might proceed on a particular issue, in a way that feels really right. That is very exciting when it happens!