Sunday, April 13, 2008

Compassion is the awareness of the suffering of another person coupled with a desire to relieve it.

Empathy is actually feeling the feelings of another person. An "Empath" is one who feels the feelings of others so acutely that they can provide readings and facilitate healing if they so choose.

So compassion is objective (external awareness) and empathy is subjective (internal awareness).

Working from a place of creative compassion means that we allow our Selves to witness and become aware of that which is around us and bring love, peace and acceptance into the creative process (with whatever it is we might be creating in that moment). In essence, working from a place that benefits ALL Beings because we are able to observe the conditions of others around us (rather than just what is happening with our Selves).

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Anonymous said...

Dear Susette:

The photographs on your site are beautiful -- I also appreciate your clear messages --

Thank you!