Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm with an old girlfriend from high school. We are in her house, or basically one room of a house and it seems like it is in a park or something. She has had a man come in to create some interesting art. He is very serious and doesn't comment. He keeps appearing in different parts of the room but not saying anything. She has told him she wants something created from "into the feeling" -- I look around and feel this disconnection from what she has asked and what she wants. She keeps repeating "into the feeling." I think we left and walked around the park -- then I come back inside and her furniture has been rearranged into this warm and welcoming room -- there is a piano in the corner and everything kind runs together like a place you would just want to be in for comfort (the furniture is lots of wood and a deep blue….not what I would pick)-- but I am (first) yelling, screaming with happiness...but I feel I am disturbing people around us or have to quiet down, and so I silently mouth my excitement! I am literally jumping up and down and silently yelling, “yeah! You did it, you did it! Yes!”
In dreams, a house represents the Self. So when you are seeing a house with interesting art, a piano and someone who wishes to create “into the feeling”, you are being nudged by Spirit and your Higher Self to attend to your own creative expression (or perhaps the lack of it). You mention that in your dream, you felt as though expressing your joy and excitement may be disturbing to other people and so you must quiet your voice. This may be addressing some old beliefs/behaviors from childhood regarding a need to keep your feelings “inside”. Incidentally, the deep blue color you dreamed of corresponds to the “third eye” or sixth chakra in the forehead. This is the energy center connected to intuitive knowing or clairvoyance (“clear vision”). Spirit and your Higher Self may be reminding you that it’s time to devote attention to expanding your intuition and your connection to the All That Is and to be clear about any disconnection YOU may have between what you truly want (in your heart) and what you are asking for (in your mind) in your own life.

I had this really frightening dream that I was leaving this really nice restaurant with “R.” (the guy I just dated) and he had beer in his right hand and I was on his left and he started kissing me on my right cheek, then he kept trying to kiss my mouth and I was just so grossed out! Then I started feeling bad for him that he may be thinking that he could tell I did not want to kiss him, so I turned and kissed him real quickly on the lips and it was so disgusting! We finally went out the front door to this restaurant and I noticed this very tall, slender black man with a silver satin Raiders jacket on with a black backpack on his back. He was peeping out from behind an SUV and then made a mad dash to the restaurant. I knew in my mind that he was going in there to rob the place. As he entered the threshold of the door he turned and shot at me. In slow motion I jumped flat on my stomach and I actually heard the sound of the bullet, also in slow motion, barely miss the back of my head/neck region. It sounded like a slow moving rocket on fire. “R.” ran to me and asked if I was okay, and I answered, "I'm fine." And I woke up.
Obviously, your date (“R.”) is not future partner material! You are being reminded that, while he is a nice man, you do not need to invest energy into making the relationship anything more than what it is…..a friendship. The Raiders logo is a symbol of pirates and anarchy, so it makes sense that this fellow who was about to rob the restaurant was wearing it. Many people have dreams about the back of their head and neck region being vulnerable, and there is a theory that the Spirit enters and exits the physical body from an energetic “doorway” in this sensitive part of the body. You may have felt too vulnerable with “R.”, or as though you were in danger of having your personal boundaries violated by him.


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These two dream interpretations are perfect for helping me understand so many things.

Thank you!


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Thank you for sharing your nice comment! So many people are having vivid dreams right now as the veil is thinning and energy is reaching out to communicate with us!