Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My mother (who is not well at the present), is in this dream, walking with my paternal grandmother (who has passed). Mom has turned to wave to me; she is very happy, smiling and dressed up as she always was, and is quite well. She has a little hat on, and she is wearing a red jacket with her outfit. (I feel like there is a picture somewhere like this in our family photo albums, because it is very familiar, but in this dream, instead of posing, she, as I stated, has turned a bit and is waving at me.)Something, or someone was pointing or tapping on my jaw on the left side -- it was very vivid. When I woke up, my jaw was sore! The dream was very clear and stayed with me.
Dreams about family members are common as we are always in the process of balancing what we learned as children and how that applies to (and if it even continues to fit) our adult experience. In this dream, your subconscious mind is coming to terms with the eventual passing of your dear mother. As she waves to you, you see that she is in a healthy, happy state which signifies how her Spirit feels even though her Human body is not currently functioning optimally. The color of her jacket (red) corresponds to the color of the first chakra where we balance our feeling of connectedness with the “family” or “tribe”, our sense of being appreciated and wanted and understanding how our energy fits into place within a group dynamic. The tapping on your jaw is significant of your awareness being drawn to an issue wherein you need to speak your Truth. It’s on the left side, so this likely is about speaking your Truth to females or understanding a Truth about your own Self. Perhaps the Spirit of your mother is inviting you to say what you need to say to her now while she is still receptive to your words. If you feel that you have said all that needs to be said, then please examine your relationships with other females in your life to see if you are withholding emotions somewhere.

I've had a couple of dreams lately about searching for Sea Turtles. The first dream I had took place at this beach house that was made of dark distressed wood on the inside. There were large pieces of driftwood as furniture. Next to the long sofa was this white stuffed sea turtle that was white with grayish-black threading, and I knew I had to go retrieve it. As I walked into this room, which overlooked the beautiful ocean that was so blue and bright with white crashing waves, the entire room filled with red ants crawling everywhere, from floor to ceiling! When I'd step back, they'd subside, then I'd try again and there they were. I don't think I was ever able to get to the sea turtle. As I began to leave the house I looked up and there was this woman smiling at me and she was picking up and tidying up. I realized that it was Mrs. P., who was my business ed teacher from high school. Same hair-do, same sweet smile and perfect makeup. She said nothing and I woke up.

My next dream was a bit choppy. I know I was somewhere in or near the ocean, once again looking for a giant sea tortoise. I could see the sea tortoise swimming so majestically, but I couldn't reach him. He would swim so close to me and I wanted him so badly, and he was just having a wonderful time swimming around me. The water was cold and clear but a bit shaded, like the color of gray.
The Sea Turtle sends you the following message: “Persevere and great success will come”. Since you were searching for this creature in your dream, it is likely that you are navigating an emotional or challenging time and needed some reassurance that all would be well in the near future. The red(first chakra energy of being appreciated and connected) ants symbolize a need to keep working or forging ahead for the common good (perhaps of your family since you dreamed of them in a house which represents Self). Both the Turtle and the ants are speaking to your sense of work ethics, integrity and attending to challenging issues as a means to an end or Goal. Your business ed teacher from high school is appropriate at this point since she represents kindness and mentoring while you are in the process of learning so much! Spirit asks that you allow the Angels to assist you when the work load gets too heavy to handle…and to recognize the Angelic Light in the Human Beings (even those whom you judge as challenging) who love you so dearly and come to assist you in the perfect moments.

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Thank you Susette..Your interpretations help so much..... the colors connected to the chakras and the little details you mention open my mind to be able to relate this to other dreams and things to be dealt with during the day.