Sunday, May 4, 2008

The energy dance visualization can be done with anyone and is truly emotionally freeing. See your Self on a beautiful dance floor, swirling around in a waltz with the person you wish to find balance (currently living or not). Really see that the dance you have agreed upon is perfect in every way since it was created by YOU for YOU!
You are aware of one another's moves so very well....every step is mirrored and echoed because you have danced this way together through all time. At some point, release your hold on this person and step to the edge of the dance floor. Watch them continue to dance, for they do not know that something has changed. There is no judgment or expectation is simply a perfect dance of energy.
When they notice that you are no longer dancing with them, they will look to the edge of the dance floor to see where you have gone. When they meet your eyes, say this:
"Thank you for dancing with me and for teaching me so much. I no longer wish to share energy this way."
Then turn and walk not look back. Spirits must honor one another's wishes for balance and evolution, and certainly, the person with whom you do this visualization will feel that "something" is different and will come around to check it out.
Often, these folks will want to re-engage you back into the dance because it's familiar for both of you. If you see behavior that indicates re-engagement into the old pattern, all you need to do is to mentally say the above words and envision your Selves releasing the hold on one another.

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That was wonderful. Thank you!