Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Growing up in Southern California (1960s and 70s) with easy access to Disneyland was a wonderful thing. I learned early on about the magical vibe a place can hold simply because we believe that it's there...and I most certainly believed! From the Tiki Room to the Haunted Mansion to the Jungle Boat ride (where I developed a delicious appreciation for the boat "drivers" and their dry wit comedy), a day at Disneyland was satisfying, exhausting and enchanting all at once.
I discovered Snow White's wishing well when I was in the fourth or fifth grade. I would stand there, making my fervent wishes and then tossing in a quarter (impressive for a kid in the early 70s) with heart racing, just knowing that something was going to happen!
With each (frequent) trip to Disneyland, paying a visit to the wishing well was part of the routine. Like a cosmic slot machine, I would toss in the quarter (more if it was a really important wish) and feel some kind of magic twinkling around me. Okay, so I was a romantic kid, prone to reading fantasy stories and watching "I Dream of Jeannie" with excited anticipation. Here was someone actually making her wishes come true just by blinking her eyes! I just knew that there was something real about that and paid close attention to the mechanics of how to fold your arms and blink your eyes reeeeal hard and then whatever you wanted would happen! Amazing!
Years passed and then I began taking my own children to Disneyland and telling my daughter about the wishing well and how whatever you wished for with all of your heart would come true. I believed it and so did she. A new generation was born and I was proud to encourage this early form of intending for our heart's desire with my children. I never told them that it was silly or impossible, and so they learned that moving energy around what you wish to create is normal.
About a year ago, I was looking through some old photos of mySelf at Disneyland and it suddenly occurred to me that every single thing I had ever wished for in Snow White's wishing well had at last come true. I wished for true love, I wished to be happy, I wished for abundance in many forms and the Universe found the best ways to deliver each of my intentions to me in the perfect moments.
Perhaps today, you will allow your Self to experience a bit of magic simply by believing that it exists in your life. If you choose to toss a coin in a fountain or to give a dollar to someone in need, if you say a prayer or allow forgiveness for someone or something which has weighed heavy on your heart, then you will be sending out intentions into the Universal Wishing Well. And then will come the day when you will realize that all you ever asked for is right in front of you.
May the deepest wishes of your hearts manifest into your lives in just the perfect way!
~photo by Christina Smith


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of your life. This story has inspired me in ways to help my precious children move their thoughts, wishes and dreams in a positive direction, and to Always Believe! Thank you!


SMS said...

You are most welcome, Anna! Your children are blessed to have such an enlightened mom. Wishing wells rock!!

D... said...

I love this Susette!
I grew up in SoCal too -- went to Disneyland and as soon as I got on the shuttle to the entrance, I was excited -- Disneyland was always special (it was hard to leave!) Thank you for sharing this on June 3rd, my Father's birthday.

SMS said...

Thank YOU for sharing with me! Weren't we fortunate to have such a place in our backyards?