Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here is the visual that was given to me when I first began to do sessions with people:

Rather than protecting/insulating/buffering your Self from energy around you, you will now move this energy through you to the Light of the All That Is. In order to do this, you must release any beliefs you carry that some forms of energy are "bad" or "imbalanced" or "dark". You must agree that all energy is just that....vibrations and frequencies which emanate from the Central Source of God. There are no judgments or labels attached to these vibrations and frequencies...they simply ARE.

You will be wise to also remember to balance your own Self first before interacting with "others" (actually a misnomer ....all Beings are facets of One Being which is the Creator interacting with ItSelf). If you are reactive, over-sensitive and emotional within your Self, then the energy of others will feel uncomfortable to you.

Envision a PVC pipe which enters at your solar plexus, makes an "L" bend and exits out the top of your head. Whatever someone says to you goes in through the pipe (nothing sticks to PVC) and is vacuumed up through the crown chakra to the Light. Your response to that person comes down from the Light, through the pipe and out to the person you are speaking with. You do not hold their are a perfect conduit between a Human Being and the Light of Spirit.

Once you have established this flow, you will be able to interact with anyone without their energy being uncomfortable for you. You must be willing to RELEASE energy, rather than holding on to it (Humans do this for a variety of reasons) and to understand that you are an observer/witness to the movement of energy.

This will take some practice. It works when you allow it to work.


Anonymous said...

I like this blog. for real!

berto xxx

SMS said...

Thanks so much! I'm having a lot of fun with it!

Anonymous said...

I love this and appreciate such an important visual! -- and my question is: if we can allow this energy to move through us, I'm assuming that it also means that we still keep good judgement about who and how long we would want to be in someone's company, in the personal sense, -- and in the work or daily interactions that we just do not absorb things so personally?
Thank you! D

SMS said...

Yes! Common sense is always a wise way to go about business on the Earth, no matter what you are dealing with! And the point of this particular exercise is that you do NOT absorb anything at all. Nothing sticks to a PVC pipe.
With some practice, you will feel the energu moving through, and a part of the agreement is that you not choose to see energies as "bad" or "good"....simply as energy that IS.
Common sense will tell you when the energy of one person does not resonate with your own and free will will help you in choosing to associate elsewhere.