Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beyond the uncertainty and the unknowing, past the questions and the anxiety lies the remembrance of TRUST that ALL of this has been planned by you lifetimes ago. You will never let your Self down, you will always be provided for and you will be safe. Any thoughts to the contrary are the ego/mind's way of keeping you in Self-doubt and fear, which prevents change from occurring. The ego/mind prefers the safety of the "known" because it knows how to behave in a comfortable situation, hence, all of its workings center on keeping you in place with fear.

This fear-based thinking and believing is no longer necessary.

~photo by Tony Eckersley


Anonymous said...


That was so beautifully said. I needed to hear that today. You're so inspiring to me. Thank you for taking my hand and helping me along my journey when I felt I couldn't go it alone.


Zoe said...

Thanks for reminding us - to "remember"!
As always your words ring so true and I know Spirit/Self speaks through you! and I am comforted...

SMS said...

Thank you both for your kind and loving comments! Indeed, we are holding the Light during this tumultuous time of shift on the planet. Sometimes our arms get tired and we need to take a break, right?!

Love and Light,