Monday, July 28, 2008

Feng Shui Your Closet

The closet represents the inner mind or belief system. Chaos in the closet can signify some sort of chaos in our daily lives.

Clothes on hangers with openings (zippers, buttons, etc) facing to the left signify a person who focuses on the past. Clothes with openings facing right signify a person who focuses on the future. If you feel that you are stuck in the past, face the clothes to the right....if you feel excessively worried about the future, face clothes left.

Clothing should be grouped by color (think of how a picture of the chakra system/rainbow looks).

Toes of shoes should point out into the room. Toes pointing into the closet says that you are afraid to walk forward into your future. Toes out means that you are ready to live life! Jumbled shoes on the floor of the closet mean that your life feels chaotic and that you aren't able to get a grip on everything on your plate.

As with all feng shui principles, there should be no clutter in the bedroom closet. If boxes need to be in here, they should be orderly, organized and labeled. The closet should be cleaned out twice a year with old clothes being given away to charity or sold at a yard sale, etc.

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Maridee said...

It is almost the middle of the night and I am cleaning and changing my closets around! M