Saturday, July 5, 2008

Guidance Card for July

This is from the group of cards in this deck called "Reward Cards". The general message when one of these cards is drawn is this:

The divine Love that urges our Journey ever onward also constantly and lavishly rewards us for every sacrifice we make and every action of true generosity that we undertake.

Rumi tells a wonderful story about how the Queen of Sheba, when she visited King Solomon, wanted to impress him, and so she brought with her 40 camels laden with gold. When she arrived in his kingdom, however, she saw that all the streets (even the humble ones) were paved with gold. Solomon said to her, "I do not need any of your gifts. All I need from you is to be worthy of the million gifts I will shower upon you."

When the eyes of Love really open in us, we see that life is an unbroken stream of ordinary miracles and that just to be alive is a matchless reward.

This family of rewards, then, celebrates the gold thread of blessings that run through Life's red and black carpet and invites us always to keep our hearts in a state of adoration.

When Sheba saw how much the King loved her, an infinite love for him started to grow in her heart, and to lead her to the Palace of Eternal Wisdom.

May these cards be signs on the map to that Palace and may each one of them glint with the mystery of Solomon's gold!

The further guidance of this card states:

"A dark and difficult period is now finally over. Express your joy!"

~From The Rumi card and book pack created by Eryk Hanut and Michele Wetherbee


Anonymous said...

Amazing, once's been a difficult few weeks. And to draw a card like this one, ahhh, how divine!

SMS said...

It has been a challenging time for so many of us! Male energy (not just men, but the male energy in all of us) in particular is having a rough go of it as the planet seeks to find the balance between male or female DOMINANT energy and belief systems to unified expressing/allowing belief systems.