Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guidance Card for August

The storm clouds have parted
and Heaven's breath
glows on the water.
Knowing such beauty, shall I not say
that I am truly blessed?
This Rune is a fruit-bearing branch. The term of travail is ended and you have come to your Self in some regard. The shift that was due has occurred; now you can freely receive blessings, whether they be in material gain, in your emotional life or in a heightened sense of your own well-being

This is an alchemical moment in which understanding is transmuted from knowledge. The knowledge itself was a necessary but not sufficient condition; now you can rejoice, having been carried across the gap by the Will of Heaven.

Joyousness accompanies new energy, energy which was blocked before now. Light pierces the clouds and touches the waters just as something lovely emerges from the depths: the soul is illuminated from within, at the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, the meeting of the waters.

There is new clarity which may call for you to renounce existing plans, ambitions, goals. It is proper and timely for you to do so for Joy is a Rune of restoration, of the self properly aligned to the Self.

From "The Rune Cards" by Ralph H. Blum

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