Friday, August 15, 2008

Miracles happen every day. The current conditions you perceive upon the planet are neither "positive" nor "negative"...they simply ARE. It's your ego/mind that assigns labels to what you see around you. Humanity is coming to the end of karmic pattern repetition, and in that action, there are times of chaos and angst as we all set aside the old belief systems we have carried. The best thing you can do is to cease paying attention to that which you perceive as "negative" such as the daily news reports and unhappy or "the sky is falling" friends/co-workers. Every time you immerse your Self in these things, it reinforces your belief in negativity.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You again for such positiveness...I love to log on to your blog and be re-minded just how amazing life is. Thanks for the recent channelling. Angel Blessings, Susette!! Love and Light, Connie