Thursday, October 16, 2008

God's three suggestions for this beautiful day:
1. There is one God, and it resides within each of you - one Spirit of universal understanding for all of the earth. It is not split into factions nor does it puff up one side of itself or another. It is begging to be realized as one truth, and weeps for those who divide it.
Therefore: Know it to be so! Search for the divine in each of you, for it is there.
2. Concentrate your blessings and your intent for peace on those who are suffering right now. For the energy of this is potent and can actually change what happens in the future. If enough of you do this, there will be a manifestation of exactly what you are visualizing.
Therefore: Send the feeling of comfort to those who don't have any. The result it far grander than you expect.
3. Generate the feeling of compassion for the planet and all those on it. See them as a family in distress, but one that can resolve their differences over time.
Therefore: Create compassion for humanity, for this is the energy that can change the future.

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