Monday, November 10, 2008

All Humans...each and every one...are solely responsible for their own experience. There is, indeed a facet of the third dimension experience known as Karma, but this is where the interpretation becomes colored by the ego/mind because Karma is Karma just as energy is energy...neither "good" nor "bad". It simply IS. Though the Human mind loves to perceive that it is a victim to "bad luck", "fate", "karmic punishment" or being judged by God, it simply is not this way in Spiritual Truth. There is only ONE Spirit interacting with infinite facets of ItSelf. It does not have the need to punish or demean ItSelf, nor is there any judgment or expectation involved in the participation. Once again, neither good nor bad, it all simply IS.
You may choose to envision the following: the Universal Spirit is holding a cup full of liquid and You are holding a cup full of liquid. In order for your Self to accept and allow the Universe to pour it's knowledge, peace and loving joy into your cup, you must agree to empty your cup of all liquid you have been carrying around thus far. See your Self being willing to empty your cup entirely, thus releasing all beliefs that you have been operating under for lifetimes. Allow the Universal Spirit to fill your cup with Life and remembrance of Who and What YOU truly ARE.
~photo by Rachel

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