Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Many of us are seeing repeating numbers on digital clocks these days.
The following is information from the Kryon website:


Question: Kryon, how can we know this "guide stuff"is real? We can't see them...so where's the proof?

Answer: As a famous astronomer wrote: "Does your father love you? The answer,Yes, very much. Then prove it."

Sometimes the proof of the intangible is in the actions and energy around you, and not visible in the 4-D that you walk around in. This is the case with awesome Love. When you fall in love with another Human, you feel you can "cut the energy" with a knife! It's wonderful and thick with reality. But you can't "see" it. Real, but not seen. Because of this, the energy which we call the "guide soup" is beginning to "knock on your door," to announce that they are real, but unseen like love.

Here is your 4-D proof: How many of you are seeing the 11:11, the 12:12, and the 4:44 on clocks and signs? How many of you are drawn to look at a digital display device at the exact moment of these numbers appearing? What a coincidence, don't you think? How many times does it have to happen before you understand that it's on purpose? !!
Dear Ones, the next time it happens to you, celebrate! This is a "guide hello." It's your own guide energy saying, "We're here!" The next time it happens, I encourage you to actually say out loud, "I love you too." Then, dear angel, you will begin a wonderful two-way interdimensional dialogue that you never expected. A 100% meditative communication with your eyes wide open, as you walk around every waking hour of your life. Would we have it any other way?

Question: Dear Kryon, Thank you for the information on people looking at the clock at 11:11, 12:12 or 4:44. Over the past several months, I have been nudged to look at the clock at 2:22. I have been seeking an answer on the meaning of 2:22 and have come up empty. I now thank the "soup" for it's presence when this happens but was wondering if there is more I need to know about 2:22? [This refers to Kryon's comment that seeing patterns of numbers over and over are your guides simply winking at you. Kryon has also referred to the number of guides surrounding you as "guide soup."]

Answer: There is always a significance to the numbers you repeatedly see. The 11:11 is a reference to humanity's permission window to change. The 12:12 is when humanity received the passing torch of spiritual energy. The 4:44 is a 12 in disguise, and it's about grounding. . . the number of the building blocks of the universe. 2:22 is a disguised 6, again, along with the 3, and 4, it is part of the scenario of 12. In addition, for you, it is a congratulation of your "harmony" energy! The 22 also represents the master builder... but you knew that, didn't you?


~photo by V. Sloanoy


Anonymous said...

I see numbers like 7:11 and 4:12 ...not always the same number sequence.... Is this also significant? I do add the numbers up... I just don't always know what it means, but I assume it's a message!

Susette said...

Thank you for your comment. Indeed, there are messages in repetition, no matter where that repetition is occurring! You can get a little book about numerology or look up number meanings on the internet. In the examples you provided, I would say that it's best to take each number on its own...so the 7 represents Spirituality and the 11 represents enlightenment, so the 7:11 repetition says that your Guides are telling you that you are entering a period of deepening Spirituality, followed by a quantum leap in awareness or enlightenment in your life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susette!