Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is wise to remember that it is your Human ego which perceives you as "alone" in this world. The Truth is that you have never been alone, and you have always been connected to everyone and everything. You are a particle of the Love and Light which IS the Creator, and when you can expand your thinking to encompass this Truth, you will see more clearly that the dramas of Earth living are but illusion with all the consistency of vapor!

In these days of your personal evolution, it is suggested that you practice lifting your consciousness up out of the details of Earth living so that you can remember who and what you really are. You are a whole Being and do not "need" a partner to complete you. Partners come in to assist you with lessons, which is why you are in the process of balancing your belief that you can call forth a loving, nurturing, healthy companionship rather than a challenging one.

There is only ONE BEING and you are a Divine facet of that. Your Spirit is made of Love, Dear One, and so when you find your Self becoming entangled within the illusion your mind has created, stop the process and remind your Self to BE the Love that you ARE.
Nothing else is required of you than to BE this Love. As you release the need to live life from the ego's point of view, you will find that everything flows smoother, faster and more positively than ever before. This is how you create your own experience on Earth or anywhere else!

It is so.

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