Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indeed, it is an unprecidented time of change on the planet and within our own lives. When the Path you walk becomes uncomfortable, stop for a moment and look around at the beauty. Breathe in the sea air. Watch as the birds soar effortlessly on the currents of the breeze. Walk in harmony with nature and speak with the trees who stand guard over our comings and goings. There is nothing "wrong" anywhere....only the sensation of releasing a very long past in order to move into the future we have been creating for ever.

You are one of the ambitious Souls of the Universe who stood in line to experience this place and time with your beloved Soul Mates. You are doing exactly as you intended to do here! When it feels difficult, remember that it is only a Game you play with your Self. There is no need to take things so seriously that you forget the essence of Joy that you ARE!

All is well in every moment.


Zoe said...

Oh, so beautifully said and captured. Thanks for reminding us! Love, Zoe

Susette said...

Thank YOU for walking the Path with ME!

Always with Love,

Jena said...

Hi Suzette

Your website is fantastic.
Both inspiring and very uplifting.
The written message,photo's
quotes and music tie it all together beautifully.I shall visit frequently.
Thank you!

Karen said...

Joy, Joy, Joy! It's really the greatest goal we can set! Thanks for all you do to help us all reach that goal! xox Karen

Susette said...

Thank you, Jena and Karen for taking the time to comment. What a blessing it is to be able to connect with so many beautiful Lights on planet Earth!

Darrylin said...

A timeless reminder...It's always so good to remember that we are able to change our perspective every day.

Jena said...

I love the quote on your website by Carl Jung.
I remember reading his discription
of the shadow once...the hidden
part of oneself that is the home of both unspoken fears and un-
expressed creativity.
I believe it is so important to
explore ones fears.Thank you for helping so many with that Susette.

love and light


Susette said...

Thank you, Jena! I love the Carl Jung quotes and will incorporate the one you shared in a future post. Very meaningful and timely!

With Love and Light,

Anonymous said...

Your website is always so uplifting and inspirational.
What a lovely treat.