Saturday, May 23, 2009

"A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep

In dreams you will lose your heart-ache
Whatever you wish for, you keep!

Have faith in your dreams, and someday
Your rainbow will come shining through-

No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish, will come true."

-Cinderella's song


Anonymous said...

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" is the first song I ever sang solo in a public venue. My best friend asked me to sing it for her Job's Daughters installation as Honored Queen. I was 15 I think and the song and its sentiments embedded themselves into my heart and soul. Now so many years later I realize no truer words could be spoken..or sung and that this song was my first lesson with the Law of Attraction. Thank you Susette for the reminder. xo Jen

Anonymous said...
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