Monday, September 21, 2009

Blessed is the Human who asks: "Can I really change things?" That is the Human who is most apt to try to do it! Here are some helpful hints:
1. Start each day with an affirmation out loud so that your own ears hear it, and so it goes right into your cellular structure. Here is suggested one: "I am a piece of creation. I have created my current reality, and will create all of what I experience in the future. Therefore all that is before is my doing. Today I choose to raise my awareness. Today I choose to slow down the aging clock in my cells, and create divinity in my daily workings. Today I instruct my cellular structure to vibrate to my intent and directions. I create a peaceful balance in all things, everywhere I walk."
2. Never beat yourself up! Everything you say is "heard" by your cells! Even at your lowest ebb, don't do it. Instead, say: "I thank Spirit for giving me the ability to know that all this is temporary. I am peaceful in my power." Then wait for the pendulum of depression or sickness to correct itself. It will.
3. Even if you doubt that you are making a difference, do it! Your duality is built to be biased in these things. Let the results support you. Your intellect will kick into high gear when it sees things changing in your life. Just like exercise… when you start to see the results, you won't doubt it any more!
~photo by Alex


Mingo said...

Dearest Susette,

I have been enjoying your blog very much! I have visited frequently as of late, finding beauty, wisdoms, and lovely creativity. Thank you for your time and efforts in sharing all of this.

You are such a delight and gift to all!!



Susette said...

Thank you, Kathy! It is a joy and a blessing to walk the Path with you during such a transformational time on Earth!

With Love and Gratitude,