Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gratitude is what makes the Intention Process work.
It's the acknowledgment that the intentions we've made in the past have come true.

When we express our gratitude, we're saying thank you to the Universe for bringing us the things that we've asked for. Were saying that we recognize that a connection exists between ourselves and the Universe, that we appreciate this connection, and know that we can call on it at any time.

This is how it all starts. We make an intention, and soon, when it has manifested, we feel like we've gotten a win - and we say so by stating our gratitude. The Intention Process has come full circle. It started out with an intention and it ended with a statement of gratitude.

Once we've seen ourselves and our friends get a win or two, it gets much easier for all of us. We put even more trust in the Intention Process and then we get more and more wins. Pretty soon, we're winning all of the time! Eventually, we'll look around us and see that the world we're living in is the one we've intended for ourselves. We will have created everything in our world consciously. When enough of us have done this, others will learn from our example, and we will all begin to walk this Earth free and full of gratitude.

"Last Spring, a very successful woman was telling us about how she manifests things. She was using money as an example. She said that she was grateful for it, both before and after it arrives. That got me started thinking. Up until then, money was always a challenge for me. Every time a bill would come in the mail, I would get upset. Right away, I would start to complain and I'd walk around muttering and wondering how I was ever going to pay it. But since that meeting, I've started doing something different. Now, I thank the Universe when I get a bill in the mail. I think of all the wonderful things that the bills are providing for me and I'm really grateful for them.
Needless to say, everything is much better financially for me now. Since I've started being grateful, I've received more money than I ever had before. It just keeps flowing in, like water from the kitchen faucet. Sometimes I'm even pleasantly surprised by where it comes from!"

The Intenders of the Highest Good

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