Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Greetings
From The Intenders of the Highest Good

We would like, at this most pregnant point in history, to remind you of your calling. You are called, now, to give birth to a new way of life for yourself and for all those who walk this world with you. You stand poised at the threshold of great expansion in your perceptions, your possibilities, and your consciousness. Now is not the time to settle for less or to think small. You are here to rise up and out of the prevailing paradigm of beliefs by shining your light and sharing your joy.

With each new day now, you are called to set an example for all those around you, not by commiserating with them, but by being happy regardless of circumstances, by remaining serene in the face of gloom and doom, by expressing your gratitude for opportunities that come your way, by speaking up for the highest good, and by holding, steadfast, to the vision of the way you want it to be. For, as you stand firm and strong in the knowing that your intentions are manifesting as you picture them, a new world will unfold before you and you shall be gifted beyond measure.

This is our 2009 Holiday Intention for you:

May all who seek comfort enjoy it.
May all who desire abundance experience it.
May all who intend peace create it.
May all who give love receive it.
And may all who shine light live in it.

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