Friday, December 4, 2009

Peace is just a thought away

There are three subjects which seem to monopolize much of our thoughts today and they are defense, money, and health. In the spirit of helping us to understand how we are sabotaging ourselves in these areas by holding onto our old ways of thinking, the next three steps across The Bridge will address these highly charged topics.

Let's start with our defense mindset.
When you're thinking that someone else is going to attack you,
you are actually helping to create that attack.
A defensive position always invites an attack.
It works like this: In your mind, you're picturing someone - perhaps it's a renegade terrorist, or a drugged-out street criminal - coming to get you. This is a thought, just like all other thoughts. With enough attention put on it, it will work its way toward the surface of your experience, just like the thought that you're going to go to Disneyland next month.

Fortunately, we can pick any thought we want. Thoughts that serve us and those that don't are equally available to us. If a person envisions attackers, then he will be attacked. If a person envisions Disneyland , then he'd better get his E tickets ready. The question is: What kind of world do we want to live in? If we keep envisioning the same old "us vs. them" separation scenarios as propagated by the media, then we'll never live in peace. But, if we shed our victim mentality and begin to picture our world in its highest light, then things will change. Thousands of years of man killing his fellow man will come to an end and be replaced by the expression of a deep and abiding respect for one another. All it takes is a little deeper thinking.

We must stop letting those with their own personal agendas tell us who our enemies are. We must investigate a little further to discover who the true perpetrators of violence on this planet are. And we must reject their manipulative suggestions and begin to discern in favor of that which is for the highest good of all.

For those who want to live in true freedom (not the kind of freedom offered by most present-day patriotic movements), peace needs to take the highest precedence. We must, in fact, demand peace because freedom requires a peaceful environment in which to grow and thrive. As of yet, not enough of us have been able to garner the inner strength needed to create a lasting peace. There are a few - and more are seeing the light every day - but it takes a larger number of people to stop supporting a social reality that doesn't serve them before a shift into true collective sovereignty will occur.

The time will come, in our very near future, when one more person envisions a peaceful world and, with that seemingly tiny action, the scales are tipped. The storm clouds disappear and a new world, the world that we deserve to live in as our right of birth, opens up before us.

It will be like a miracle ... but it's not really a miracle.
It's only us having changed our thoughts.

From The Highest Light Teachings

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