Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking in the Present

Everything in your world - the world at large as well as your individual world, including everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel - is the result of a thought manifestation.

When you first begin to form your intentions into words, it's always best to take a moment and create a very clear picture in your mind of that which you truly desire to manifest. See yourself in the picture acting as if it has already happened. Then you can use the words "I intend that I am _____" and know that you've gotten off to an excellent start with your intentions.

Another phrase we've recently gotten rid of is "to be." In our circles, we say, "I intend that I am happy," for instance, instead of saying, "I intend to be happy." This small but very important change has produced extremely rewarding results for us. It brings everything into the present time, as opposed to keeping our desires somewhere off in the future. There is a big difference in intending to be happy and intending that you are happy now. By intending that you are happy now, you are seeing the end result from the beginning. Otherwise, you can intend to be happy and the Universe may follow your exact instructions and keep you in a state of readiness for a very long time, waiting to be happy. If you don't rephrase your intentions, you could easily remain on the brink of your happiness indefinitely without ever quite reaching it.

Sometimes it also helps to imagine that you are working hand in hand with your guides, helpers, or angels from other realms, and that these helpers are there to serve you. They listen closely to your intentions and go scurrying throughout the far corners of the Universe, taking the thoughts and words that you have provided and then delivering them back to you down here on Earth in the forms and substances that you call third-dimensional experience. When you state your intentions in the present and envision them as if they have already occurred, you send the clearest possible message out to your helpers. You've made their job a lot easier, while optimizing your own potential for bringing your dreams into physical reality.

My Intention for today is:

I intend that I am always phrasing my intentions in the present tense.

The Intenders of the Highest Good

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