Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The source of your supply is so immense.
It's all there just waiting for you to tap into it.

Most people don't realize it, but hoarding always shuts down the flow of our abundance, while giving always comes back to us in great measure. The mechanics of this phenomenon are easily apparent once we get past our old attitudes about "saving for a rainy day." It works like this: when we hoard something, whether it's our money, our time, our resources, or our energy, we're actually doing it because we've pictured ourself in a situation where we've run out of things. We've envisioned ourself down and out, perhaps even destitute and depressed. Now, this vision is a thought, and it will work its way into physical manifestation just like any other thought we keep our attention on. In other words, by saving for a rainy day, even though our motivation is to have extra resources for later on, we sabotage our future and create the exact opposite of that which we truly desire for ourselves.

Lee Ching told us one night in our spiritual guidance session that followed our Intenders Circle that it furthers us to bring our limiting thoughts to light so that we can replace them with thoughts which will bring our abundance to us. There's a good example of this, he said, by looking at how the kitchen faucet works. When we open the valve, the water comes in and the water goes out. But when we close off the valve, the water can't come in, so it also cannot flow out. It's the same with our money and our resources; we close off the flow of all good things coming to us by our thoughts of lack and our subsequent acts of hoarding. By the same token, we open the faucet of our abundance and keep it open by spending, not frivolously, but responsibly. When we spend without worrying about it, we send a message to the Universe that we have enough of everything we need, and that we trust that there will always be more when we need it. It's this posture which delivers our abundance to us (if it's for our highest good), and provides us with enough to spare and enough to share.

My Intention for today is:
I intend that I always have enough to spare
and enough to share.

~photo by B. Visbeek


Jennifer Beichner said...

This beautiful picture looks like Dunn's River Falls in Jamacia. I have been there twice and it is so gorgeous. The most wonderful thing about visiting the falls beyond the beauty, is walking up the falls. Every tour starts at the bottom where your group of 50 all join hands and ascend the falls together. It takes more than an hour and holding hands is mandatory and the rock climb and cold fresh water spark lively conversation and laughter. You connect with people who would otherwise be strangers, in a very abundant way. It is an amazing experience and an awesome metaphor for this blog entry. Brava Susette, I love it...yet again! xo Jen

Susette said...

What a great story, Jen! Thank you for sharing and for taking the time to visit my blog!

With Love and Gratitude,