Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That which is meant to be yours
will come to you.

So many people's lives today are filled with dramas and unresolved situations that we would like to show you two ways we have found to lessen their effects upon you and your friends.
In the early days of The Intenders, we used to say that we share our dreams instead of our dramas. In fact, that phrase is still printed on the cover of The Intenders Handbook, however, it isn't always the way we do things nowadays. On evenings when our Intenders Circle is smaller and we have more time to state our gratitudes and intentions, we will encourage those who are experiencing a sticky situation or drama talk about it for a short time.
We've found that when we do this for a minute or two the Intender will open up and get clearer about what's bothering them. Then we'll ask them to state an intention around the drama - and do you know what happens? Almost without exception, they'll come back to the Circle a couple of weeks later and the drama is gone. The intention they made manifested, and the drama went away.

In order for you to see things from a higher ground, you must learn to detach from suffering and drama.
The faster you can learn to do whatever it takes to lift yourself up and out of dramatic situations, the better it will be for you and for all those around you.
If you need to go out the door and shut it behind you and say,
"I'm not going back there for a day or two," then do that.
If you're in a situation at work where you're feeling really drained
and you need to regenerate, go out into Nature.
Nature is there for you.
It is filled with vital life and energy.
Avail yourself of it.
It is your birthright, as a human being, to be with the trees,
the wind, the sun and the rain.
These things add unto you.
They regenerate you.
They recreate you.

My Intention for today is:
I intend that I am at peace within myself.

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