Tuesday, February 16, 2010


After intending and surrendering, I take action by following the opportunities that are presented to me. I am in the flow where great mystery and miracles abide, fulfilling my desires, and doing what I came here to do. I synchronize.

We've found that the recipe for successful creativity calls upon us to make use of three ingredients: Intent, Feeling, and Action. The first ingredient, Intent, is applied to define a desired outcome or goal.

Our experience has taught us that when we make an intention, it's wise to be exact about what we desire to manifest, but to leave the specifics undefined when it comes to how or when our intentions will come to us.

By following this guideline and invoking the highest good, we allow the Universe to utilize any one of an infinite variety of ways to bring our intention into manifestation. Intenders who cling to a single or specific route in seeking to create their abundance limit the magical workings of the Universe considerably.

The second ingredient, Feeling, comes into the picture in order to provide the energy needed to make our intention develop from a thought into an etheric reality that is poised and ready to blossom into the world around us. In observing many of our mighty manifesters over the years, we've come to understand that those who are able to conjure up the feeling they'll be experiencing after their goal has been reached (even though it may not have actually manifested in physical reality yet), achieve vastly better results than those who are not in touch with the power of their feelings. Said another way, if a person can maintain the feeling of gratitude in advance of the actual manifestation of their intentions, they will increase their rate of success immensely.

As our intentions begin to precipitate down from the invisible into physical manifestation, we need to be ready to apply the third ingredient: Action. Before taking action, however, there has to be a waiting period or pause which typically lasts a few days (although the amount of time may vary depending upon the proficiency of the manifester and whether the highest good is being served or not).

This is when we let go of all attachments and concerns about our creative endeavors and retreat into a state of divine nonchalance.

Taking this conscious pause allows the Universe to work at its own pace in arranging things. Then, after the waiting period is over and our intention is ready to come forth, we'll notice that a series of synchronistic "coincidences" begins to appear in our life. We will have stepped into a magical flow that is characterized by a sequence of events occuring around us that is moving us toward our desired outcome. When this flow of seemingly magical "coincidences" reveals itself, it's up to us to take the appropriate action which each synchronistic event calls for until our final goal is reached.

If, for instance, we've intended to meet our soulmate, and an attractive new person enters our life, then we would pursue that opportunity to find out if this is the love of our life, or if it is simply a contact with someone who has something else to offer us as we continue moving toward our desired relationship.

If we think we've met a potential soulmate, then we would take action to get to know this person better so we can see where the relationship leads. They may be the one who we've been longing for, or perhaps they may be someone who will introduce us to our soulmate. In either case, as opportunities like this present themselves, it's up to us to provide the appropriate action until our intention is materialized.

The idea is to keep moving forward.

Sometimes all we'll have to do is hold out our hand or answer the phone, but, most often, our goals are realized by following a synchronistic chain of events and opportunities, each of which leads us ever closer to "the grand finale" which is the manifestation of our original intention.

If you're choosing to walk the path of empowerment, you'll need to get good at making your intentions, letting them go, and then taking action when opportunities present themselves. Taking action is where synchronicity comes in. If it's for your highest good, usually within a few days after you've surrendered your intentions up to the Universe, a series of almost surprising events will reveal themselves to you, and it is for you to move forward from one to the next until you reach your final goal. Suddenly, you'll notice that you're in a serendipitous flow where all good things are coming to you and that everything you need is magically there for you when you need it. From then on, all you have to do is stay alert to that which is in front of you until, one day, when Great Mystery opens her arms wide in the form of a feeling you've rarely experienced and probably forgotten about. Your innocence will return, and life - the life you were truly meant to live - becomes an adventure once again.

My intention for today is:

I intend that whatever needs to be known is revealed to me in the moment I need to know it, or sooner.
~photo by B. Visbeek


Jennifer Beichner said...

Thank you so much Susette for providing everything one could possibly need on a spirtual journey and so much more. I am also in awe of the gorgeous Angel with the birds. Amazing.
Always, Jen

Susette said...

Thank you, Jen! The journey is so much more enjoyable when we have beautiful Spirit Sisters along for the ride!

With Love and Light,