Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Keep asking - keep opening - keep finding. Make it a quest.

What could be more fun than heading out on a quest for hidden treasure? A treasure hunt offers the excitement of going to exotic places, sharing mystical experiences, and the promise of riches and glory. Everyone of us has a searcher inside who, at one time or another, longs to take part in a magical journey which calls upon us to summon our heartiest courage, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, venture blindly into the darkest of caverns, and dig deep for rewards that we aren't even sure are there.

Oftentimes, the only guide we may have is an old, worn-out, dog-eared map or ancient manuscript left to us by a previous treasure hunter who was generally considered to be a bit eccentric. Our closest friends and advisors think that we are foolish. But still, we are lured on by forces that we don't even fully comprehend.

Such is the predilection of the treasure seeker who discards all warnings, leaves everything behind, and sets out on a search for long-lost gold and jewels, the value of which defies the imagination.

Everyday life, however, does not often grace the average man or woman with the opportunity to sojourn to foreign lands in search of buried riches. Everyday life keeps our days filled with repetitive goings, doings, and distractions. We must seek elsewhere for hidden treasures.

Fortunately for us, there is a mystical place, vastly unexplored, which is within our reach. We need not travel farther than our favorite armchair. As we sit quietly and gaze into the cavernous darkness behind our closed eyes, a glittering backdrop comes into view and beckons us to explore further. A distant speck of light appears and pulls us toward it as we let go and allow ourselves to be pulled. Obstacles in the form of random thoughts demand our attention and threaten to interfere with our quest. But, as we persevere and hold our concentration upon the light, a new realm opens up before us. We find ourselves in a place where the potentiality of our experience expands far beyond the scope of our everyday awareness - indeed, far beyond we'd ever thought possible.

There, inside the comforting white light, we uncover riches much more priceless than any Earthly treasure. So much so that if we possessed a giant chest full of the world's rarest gems, or a vault full of gold worth millions and millions of dollars, we would gladly trade it all for a single moment spent delighting in the glorious treasure we have found within.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am treasure hunting within daily.

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