Monday, March 15, 2010

The 500th Post!

A Higher Point of View

Adversity strengthens us.
Who could we learn more from than our own brothers and sisters?

It is time that we started looking at our lives from the level of the soul. At present, most people have bought into the limiting idea that this life is the only one there is, but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, as it has been said many times throughout these writings, we live countless lifetimes in countless realities, all for the purpose of expanding our creativity. Sometimes we even take on tasks that require us to learn lessons which are not always pleasant in the short run.

Our soul is an enthusiastic, adventurous vehicle, but our body tends toward complacency and becoming comfortable with routines. It seems that we need our apple cart upset every so often in order to break us out of our malaise.

This is why we made agreements and arrangements with others, before we came into this lifetime, to help each other in case we started to get stuck here. We asked our soul family to show up at the right time to provide the perfect lesson that would get us moving forward again.

For those who don't see this wondrous play going on from a higher, soul level, it would appear as if the person who is creating all of our turmoil and adversity is a horrible bad guy. Those who are wedded to their Earthly identity tend to make judgments, play the blame game, and grumble incessantly about the harsh conditions imposed on them by someone else. However, in truth, our adversaries are just doing what we asked them to do long, long ago, in a place beyond this beautiful Earth.

"You labor under two great limitations. These limitations pervade your world and keep you from experiencing your birthright. The first limitation is that there are no worlds other than the one in which you are living. It amazes those in my world how this idea can continue to exist, especially in light of all of the new information which is being made available to you. Where do you think your dreams are coming from? Where do your thoughts, your feelings, or your creative inspirations come from? There is so much more that awaits your people, and yet they cannot access it as long as they believe it doesn't exist."

"Our limiting beliefs create our limited reality?" I stated, rhetorically.

"That's the way it works. If, on the other hand, your people would seek, in earnest, to step into the world of Spirit, then ancient doors would open, and old friends would bid them to enter."

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am looking at life from my soul's point of view.


Anonymous said...

Susette, Congratulations on your 500th post! Even though I may not comment on every single blog, Linda and I talk of them often and share them with family and friends. Please continue to spread the light. Our world needs all the love and help we can give it. :) Dick

Susette said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Dick! I will continue to hold the Light in the best way I know how! :-)

With Gratitude,