Monday, March 1, 2010

When man remembers his spiritual connection to All That Is, he lives in a most joyous state, wherever he is, whatever he is doing.

That which is meant to be yours will come to you. Just as those of you who are aligned with the highest good will eventually experience your highest ideal, so shall your daily needs be met.
You need never worry about your survival because there was a special mechanism put into place long ago which regulates and guarantees that everything you need will be there for you in the exact moment that you need it.
Oftentimes it will not appear until the instant before it is needed, but you may be assured that while you are waiting you are being strengthened.

As you learn to trust in this wondrous process, the obstacles and hardships of life fall by the wayside and are replaced by a serenity that knows no limit.

These times of great upheaval are truly gifts unto you.
You are constantly surrounded by an environment that is conducive for bringing out your most fulfilling form of expression.
Your ego, the part of you which is in service to yourself,
is giving way to a much larger, grander You~
the You that is in service to others.
You are blossoming in all your glory, and it is this blossoming that you have always longed for.
Be open, be available, and, in the meantime, be at peace.
Your prayers and intentions are all being answered.

My intention for today is:

I intend that the Sweetest Love imaginable, like a torrent of rushing water, washes simultaneously over and through the hearts of every man, woman, and child who walk this Earth. And I intend, from that moment of Grace forward, that all seven billion of us have a reference point to remind us of how good life can be when we are filled, to the brim, with Love.

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