Monday, March 8, 2010


You know you need to learn patience when things are
coming at the last minute.

As we said earlier, things can come to you at the last minute. In fact, you know that you need to learn patience when things are coming to you at the last minute. There is an interesting story sent in recently by my friend Pat in Canada that exemplifies this all-too-common scenario. Pat received it from her good friend in Hawaii who is living close to the land.

Years ago, in an entrepreneurship class I was taking, there was a woman who wanted to establish an emu farm. She and her husband read all the books on emus, on gestation time, and at what moment the chicks would hatch. They had a whole bunch of eggs they were incubating. At one point they figured the babies should be emerging, and, thinking Nature had screwed up, took it upon themselves to crack the eggs and release the chicks. (I couldn't believe she actually told us this, I would have been so ashamed.) Needless to say, the baby emus ALL died. When you know that what you want is coming, don't interfere!!! That story still makes me shudder.

We in The Intenders have all had to deal with patience issues at one time or another, and the way we resolved them was to intend that we always have a "buffer zone" so that things come to us well before they were needed.

Needless to say, we also had to learn to let go of our tendency to set time parameters and realize that the Universe often had different ideas about how long something was going to take than we did. But once we began to see our buffer zone intention work, our impatience lessened and we relaxed because we learned that everything is coming to us in its perfect, right timing.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I have a buffer zone so that things come to me well before they are needed.

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