Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Agreement is the glue
that holds realities together.

Lumping is a term I use to describe it when we decide we're going to be like everyone else. We "lump ourselves in" with a collective of people who are all appearing to have the same thing going on in their lives.

As an example let's say that the crowd believes that gaining weight happens as a result of our eating (instead of our thinking) habits. If we agree with them, then we'll surely be concerned with every little thing we eat and therefore set ourselves up for getting fat.

It works the same with diseases. If, for instance, we agree that a particular disease, fumbuckaruckus, is running rampant throughout the population, then we run the risk of getting it. Our agreement with everyone else who believes in it creates an opening for us to experience it. If, however, a well-meaning friend warns us that fumbuckaruckus is spreading, and we choose to withhold our agreement and our belief in it, then we will not be subjected to it.

It's at the moment that we lend our agreement to a belief that we bring it to life.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for us to take a closer look at that subtle "moment of agreement" which is so important in our lives. Let's say we're riding on a ferry and the nice lady sitting next to us points to a young man across the aisle and remarks that he doesn't look well. Casually, she elaborates, "I hope he doesn't have that nasty fumbuckaruckus that's going around. I saw a blurb on the news last night that said that ferries, buses and airplanes are "likely places" where you could easily catch it."

Now the ball is in our court. If we agree with the nice lady, either by saying "Yes" or even by simply nodding our head in the slightest degree, we have just set the wheels in motion for all sorts of ugly things to manifest. First, we've sent a mental, telepathic message to the young man across the aisle reinforcing his ill health - not a very loving thing to do. Second, if we happen to believe in the illusion of contagion or "germ theory", then we create a scenario whereby we could "catch" the disease. And finally, if we agree that ferries are "likely places" for germs to spread, then we reinforce the likelihood of our getting sick.

Remember, it is we who create our reality, not somebody else
- unless we give them our agreement.

This all becomes clearer when we begin to see that with each decision to agree we dug ourselves deeper into a hole. From a higher perspective, however, each and every one of us is a unique Being, and whatever imbalance we're experiencing at any given time, whether it is a slight pain or a persistent ailment, is unique unto us. We had different parents than everyone else, different schooling, different genetics, different experiences entirely. But when we lump ourselves in with everyone else who is having similar symptoms by agreeing with the doctor, or the newscaster, or the nice lady on the bus that we have or could get fumbuckaruckus, we do ourselves a tremendous disservice - and we set the stage for us to have to live out the manifestation of our beliefs.

You see, our mind is much more active and astute than we give it credit for. It knows the symptoms of every disease out there. In fact, just by hearing the name of any disease, the mind will send its messages to the body to begin replicating the symptoms associated with it.

That's the way diseases are created. We can either agree on them or we can see ourselves in our highest light, perfect, happy, and whole. Indeed, we are grand creators who might want to consider becoming much more careful about what we agree upon, lest we create it.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am watching my thoughts much closer and I am remembering that my agreement is a precious tool only to be used after careful consideration.


Daniel.T.A said...

Thank you so much for your intuitive knowledge. I read your blog everyday and always find ways to incorperate what you say into my own life. Please continue to post your echoes. I've Been reading your blog for almost a year now and i tell my friends about them all the time. Thank you.Peace and Blessings.

Susette said...

Thank you, Daniel! It makes me happy to know that you resonate with my blogging adventure!

Be Well~

With Love and Light,