Friday, April 30, 2010

Growing Up

The world you live in is splitting apart.
The old selfish ways are collapsing and, at the same time,
the new spiritual ways are emerging, heralding a better life for all.

Remember when you were a child and everything was bright and new? As you began to explore your world you looked around at all of the adults and wondered why they acted like they did. They did so many strange things that were making them unhappy.

Later on, as you grew in size and age, choices about what is real and what isn't presented themselves to you, and you told yourself that, for a time, you would play with certain illusions.

You knew down deep in your heart that many of the things you believed in were not the truth, but you came to be enamored with them anyway. They made life in society easier for you because everyone else was also believing in the same illusions - illusions about the nature of ownership, time, what groups you identify with; who you really are, and so forth. These were the things that were so clear to you when you were a child. You knew they were untrue, but you decided that someday you would set these games and illusions aside when they were no longer useful to you.

The interesting point to all of this is that when the time came to discard these games or illusions as no longer useful, we found ourself continuing to use them anyway. We didn't seem to be able to stop using them. Oh, sometimes we'd catch ourself and we'd know that what we just said or did wasn't true, but nobody else seemed to notice, and life just went on and the years went by. There would be moments when we were sure that it was time to put all of these illusions away and return to the truth and innocence we knew so well when you were young.
These moments began to come closer and closer together and we ran into others who were also talking about putting aside these same illusions which no longer served them.

And now, we're beginning to realize that our whole life must come into its integrity if we are to evolve and be happy.
Our whole being cries out for truth.
We catch ourself every time we speak falsely or argue on behalf of our illusions - and we pay a high price to continue as we have done for years.

Those who require us to uphold our illusions in order to remain agreeable and friendly are clearly not on the same path as us.
We intend freedom.
We intend peace.
We intend our environment clean and beautiful.
And we intend true happiness - the happiness we knew as a child.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am letting go
of any beliefs and values
that aren't serving me anymore.

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