Sunday, April 11, 2010

There seems to be so much sorrow on the planet.
Can you work within the framework of the test before you?
Can you put on your
armor and shields of sacredness and walk through the sorrow, fear
and disappointment of what other Humans have done, without
judgment of them or without being discouraged?
The more light you
carry, the more you will see that which is sorrowful on Earth.
Only the masters can "see" these things
as reasonable within the scheme
of why you're here.
It is important that the Lighthouses are not
distracted by the storms as they shine their lights.
they become useless.
~photo by B. Visbeek 


Zoe said...

Yes, Susette. It is time to use all of our skills, our big tool box, to keep the windows of our lighthouse clean. To wipe off the splashes that collect there, the bird poop, the dust and to make our windows shine and to remember the Light, the light we are underneath it all even when the storms pass through and we momentarily forget our brightness. Love, Z

Anonymous said...

I love the color effect in this photo! And I love these daily inspirations. Thank you, Susette!