Thursday, April 1, 2010


The French have a word "denouement" which, in essence, means that sometimes we are taken to the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute and fifty-ninth second - and then the Universe lays everything we intended in our lap. Of course, we tend to think that we can second-guess the Universe by predicting the times when our intentions will manifest for us. But the truth is that we can never really know when things will happen. We can only know that they will happen.

"Another thing I always admired about Mark was his relaxed attitude toward life; how he worked hard, but never seemed to be in a hurry. When I asked him how he stayed so calm, he said that he didn't allow himself to get too attached to specific outcomes, especially where time was concerned. He said that letting go and patience go hand in hand, and that we need to understand that our timing and the Universe's timing are two different things. Our manifestations, he said, really can come at the last minute. But, if we interfere with the Intention Process by doubting, cutting corners, or stressing and striving, we lose the chance of seeing what would have happened if we'd waited a little longer. In fact, he said, as hard as it is to get used to, there are times when it's definitely in our highest good to have things come to us at the last minute. How else, he asked, would we learn about trust? How else would we gain the inner strength necessary to take the next step in our evolution? He said that the Universe knows the precise, perfect time for the cocoon to open up so that the young butterfly can spread its wings and fly away. According to him, it's the same with us. But, like the butterfly, we must be willing to wait."

So often human beings sabotage themselves by not trusting that the Universe will bring their creations to them in the perfect timing. The "Knower" is willing to wait until the last minute for his or her intentions to manifest. The "Novice" is not.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am willing to wait as long
as it takes for my intentions to manifest.
~photo by V. Solanoy

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