Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Marriage of Mind and Matter

By your thought shall you be fulfilled.

One of the most common questions we get has to do with people having a difficult time marrying what's going on in their mind and what's going on outside of them.

They tell us that they just can't seem to hold a vision of their Intention having already manifested, when the evidence in their outside world doesn't support that line of thinking.

In answering these questions I'm reminded of one of my favorite characters in my latest novel, The Reunion: A Parable for Peace, namely Chief Seattle. To me, Chief Seattle embodies the attitude of staying positive regardless of his external situation better than anyone. Indeed, he knows how to hold his attention on the end result as if it is already done and manifested. I share his eloquent message with you now.

"My brother, I tell you true. If all who see the Earth as being poisoned would, instead, give more attention to seeing the Earth clean and vibrant, then, very soon, your Earth would be cleansed.

If all who see their nation's leaders as misguided or uncaring would, instead, give more time to seeing themselves being represented by responsible, caring leaders who stand firm for the highest good of all, then, very soon, you would have good leadership.

If all who see their spouses or family members as troublesome or unloving would, instead, give more thought to seeing their loved ones as the shining children of God that they are, then, very soon, all challenged relationships would be renewed and love rekindled.

If all who see themselves as sick or poor or weak of heart or undeserving would, instead, give more energy to seeing themselves as healthy, abundant, empowered, worthy, and lifted up, then, very soon, they would experience all of the good things that life has to offer.

If all who see themselves as a physical body and no more would, instead, give more thought to seeing themselves as an ever-brightening star that resides inside the body, then, very soon, everyone in your world would be shining their lights--just as all of the Elders who have walked your Earth have done. You would be living in peace, harmony, and comfort in a culture that you have created consciously, a culture which, by your divine right of birth, you deserve to enjoy.

Each challenge is there to guide you toward the desire of your heart

Each problem, seen from the positive side, always turns into a blessing

Each sorrow leads you to your joy

Each doubt--to your knowing

Each lack--to your abundance

Each debt--to your freedom

Each feeling of hopelessness--to your power

Each cry of pain--to your comfort

Each act of war--to your peace

Each act of anger--to your love

And each journey through darkness--into the light."

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am holding a vision in my mind
of my Intentions having already manifested.


liam said...

it has evolved to the point where the thoughts I have about my surroundings are starting to become what my surroundings appear to be, and because I've allowed my energy to flow and be heard as a perfect light all my surroundings reflect that as well.

Susette said...

Bravo, Liam! Awareness is the key to conscious evolution.

With Love and Light,