Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Question: "Dear Kryon: I've been giving intent and trying to change my reality in some areas of my life for a while now, and I'm not having any changes. I'm confident that I've been changing my reality correctly (based on reading your channellings), but I now feel totally stuck. My question to you is, does astrology have any effect on the timing of changing a person's reality?

For example, if I'm trying to change my reality to one of prosperity and abundance, or to find a soul mate or travel overseas, etc., if these things don't show up as a possibility in one's astrology chart for a couple of years, does this mean that by trying to change my reality, nothing is going to happen for two years because astrologically it can't happen until the right stars are in place? Is astrology a stronger force than one's intent and reality to change things? Do we have the power to override the astrology aspect of timing and change?"

Answer: Our very first message to you in 1989 was that you can rewrite your own astrological attributes!  Astrological attributes are magnetic and gravitational imprints on the interdimensional portions of the DNA. They occur at birth and are part of the system of personality setups, beginning contracts, and potential interactions with other Humans. Although you will always have your birth sign, and the personality attributes, the reactions to the system can now be tempered and changed. Retrogrades won't affect you... typical well-known interactions between birth signs won't be as predictable anymore, and yes... your intent can completely and totally override these imprints.
Because you're reprogramming the imprints!

Now, as to the real question: Why hasn't anything changed for you?
It's because you bought your ticket of intent,
but the train hasn't arrived yet.
It's a real ticket, with real manifestation.
When the train finally arrives, you might write again and ask how to slow it down! Such are the various pathways that Humans take.
One day you're convinced that nothing will change.
The next you're begging for things to settle down.
In your case... just a little more time in the train station will be needed. It's not about astrology. It's about your path.
What to do while you wait?
How about celebrating the fact that you have the ticket?
How about laughing out loud at the systems around you,
and getting ready to move through them like you never have before.
How about taking time to think about the love of God,
and how it hugs you every morning, even if you don't know it?
How about loving yourself... your particular challenge?

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