Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Setting an Example

The law that our thoughts create our experiences is not just a law unto each isolated individual. It is just as applicable to our beliefs as a whole. When individuals begin to create a new, peaceful world, so will the human race, as a whole, create a paradise on Earth. In other words, when we all see that we can have the world we desire just by thinking that we can, it will manifest for us.

And then, there's also the icing on the cake. It can happen fast. It can happen in our lifetimes. We need not think that we are just making things better for future generations. We are also making things better for ourselves. It can start with the smallest spark, and, as quick as a wink, it can spread around the entire globe.

It only takes for each of us to start to see everyone else in their highest light ... even the international bankers and power brokers who have used deceit and fear and all things horrid in order to maintain control over us.

We so often forget that each man, no matter how bad we think he is, does indeed, without exception, have a shining Spirit deep down inside.

To remember this and to act accordingly is the challenge of mankind today. For some reason - perhaps the desire of some to dominate others - we have overlooked our ability to see the good side of every man. We don't notice him in his highest light. We don't see him standing up for the Highest Good. And if we don't see him standing up for the Highest Good, he won't. He'll continue to ride roughshod over us as he pleases. But it is when we begin to see every man, even our enemies whom we have called "the bad guys" in the past, as standing up for the Highest Good, they will sooner or later reflect our expectations of them and step into their highest calling.

There is something deep within our inner nature that is called up when we are confronted by a man of principle, a man who speaks directly yet gently into the face of his friends and enemies alike, and doesn't back down. Something special happens in the psyche of the "bad guy" when he is confronted by someone who sets a noble example. It may be subtle at first, but after awhile, it will change him, just as when you keep chipping away large rock - eventually it turns into pebbles ... or a statue of great beauty.

His heart will soften and his mind will recognize the wisdom in becoming one with others. Walls of separation will dissolve as the "bad guy" begins to follow your example and seek for his own highest light inside himself. And when he looks, he will find a world that is better than the one where he spent all his energy trying to control everything and everyone around him. He'll experience a feeling of great joy that was not available to him as long as he persecuted others.

And we'll all be much happier because, from then on, instead of continuing to deal with the challenges of how do we get along with each other, we can all start to work together on the challenges of how do we make our world as good as it can possibly be.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am seeing everyone
in their highest light.
~photo by Terry

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