Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steering The Storms

You are more powerful than you know.

When you get a lot of people agreeing and envisioning the way things will be, then that's the way things will be. There is tremendous power in a group of people focused on a common objective. It works within a positive environment, such as in an Intenders Circle where everyone is holding a vision of everyone else's intentions being manifested; and it works just as easily within a negative atmosphere, such as when we're creating fearful weather conditions for ourselves.

You don't have to look very far to see that our weather is being tampered with. Those in power would have us believe that the weather is out of our control, that we are at the mercy of the storms and climatic changes, but this simply isn't so. In fact, it's just the opposite.
It is we who create every aspect of our environment,
including the weather.
We've just forgotten about it.

So, here's a gentle reminder. Night after night, in homes all across the globe, the weathermen and women prance across the TV screen telling us what the weather is going to be like. Much in the same way that the drug companies create flus and sicknesses of all sorts by describing them and pulling flimsy "facts" out of thin air, the weather people describe the coming weather changes, and, if we believe them, we add to the creation of the bad weather.

Can you imagine the power in that?
Millions of people holding the same thought is an awesome prospect in itself. And now, with all the satellite imagery graphics, the friendly weatherperson can even have us picturing large weather systems impacting whole parts of the planet.

This is the point where we give up our power and hand it over to someone else.

People everywhere either forget or simply don't realize that their thoughts are creating their world. They buy into the pictures they see on TV and waste no time telling everyone they run into that a storm is on the way.

That's how storms, flus, or any other mass events are orchestrated. And if that isn't enough, now the weather people have even created "seasons" for the storms and sicknesses in order to get us primed and ready to experience bad times. Is there anything we can do?

Yes. Two things. First, we can withhold our agreement every time someone tells us a storm is on the way by simply refusing to believe it. In that way, we are not adding to or reinforcing the event.

And second, we can become proactive by using the satellite images against themselves. Whenever we see the great masses busily creating a storm, we can become a Storm Steerer. Instead of believing that a hurricane, for instance, is going to follow the course described by the anxious weatherperson, we can use the wondrous lightworking tool we call our imagination, and, in our mind's eye, we can Steer the Storm out to sea, or see it dissipating into nothing before it has a chance to hit land.

Now . . . what if enough Storm Steerers pictured the storms going away? They would go away. I've seen huge tropical storms move away from The Big Island after 50 Intenders "intended" it. Can you imagine what would happen if thousands of people from all over the globe became Storm Steerers? It would change everything, not just with the weather, but with the way we create our entire world.

This was the teaching of the Native Americans.
Surrounded by the blackness of night, they danced around the campfire, whooping, hollering, yelping. This was their show of freedom, in sounding it outwardly to the world, in sounding it into the vast silence that was all around them.
They shouted fearlessly into it.
And the hills would reflect it back... It was like a miracle.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am refraining from buying into any media hype surrounding mass events, and that I am only envisioning positive outcomes for the Earth and her people.
~photo by R. Burne


Zoe said...

Fantastic Susette! I completely agree and it is now time to bring the power back to ourselves. LIke the Hopi's say "We are the Ones we have been waiting for"...
Love and Blessings (feeling peace and happiness)~ Zoe

Susette said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, my sweet Spirit Sister!

With Love and Gratitude,