Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Universe is user friendly.

One of the questions we get asked the most is: "How often do I say my intentions?" As we talk to people across the country we find several schools of thought with differing approaches to this question. Some say to state your intentions twice a day - in the morning when you get up, and in the evening before going to sleep; some say to state them once and once only; while The Intenders teachings suggest that you say them once a day, preferably in the morning so that you can set a positive direction unto your day.

In weighing all of the various options about how often to say our intentions we've come to realize that all of them are right. You can say them once only, once a day, or twice a day. If, however, you are saying them more than twice a day - that is, you're saying the same intention over and over throughout the day, it implies that you are dealing with some doubts that you need to take a closer look at. You're not truly letting go and trusting in The Intention Process, and therefore, you'll actually be keeping your dreams from manifesting by the constant repetition of your intentions.

"One evening after our weekly Intenders Circle in Leilani we asked Lee Ching about how often we should be saying our intentions, and he told us that it depended on how far along we were in our spiritual evolution. Those, he said, who are new to intending and self empowerment will often say their intentions more than once a day and, even though they're still running doubts, the Universe will rally to their side just to make sure that they get some "wins" and become more confident in the process of manifesting. He said that The Universe wants to help anyone who is willing to make their intentions in the name of the Highest Good, and It will see to it that their first few intentions are manifested, even though they may still be harboring some doubts on a subtle level.

In regard to saying our intentions once a day only, he said that this practice had been used with great success since the days of old, and that it works for everyone no matter what stage of development they're in.

Then, he added something very interesting. He told us that, even though we may start out by saying our intentions daily or more, we will ultimately come to a point where we only need to say them once, and that's all. He said that it is oftentimes difficult for beginners to trust in this, not having had the experience of several "wins" under their belt, so, for most people, saying our intentions once a day works just fine.

"You can't go wrong by saying them once a day," he said, "but you will come to a time when you say them once only and know that The Universe heard you and is taking care of everything from that moment on."

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that, with each Intention that manifests for me,
I am building greater and greater trust and confidence
in the magical workings of The Universe.
~photo by C. Ha

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