Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our challenge is not to learn to manifest
- for we are all masters of the art -
but to have a greater discernment
over that which we are already manifesting. 

We are moving into a time when all manifestations will become instantaneous; when we will have a thought and it will be there. If you look back over the last 20 to 30 years, you can see that this is so. It wasn't long ago that you could make an intention to fulfill a desire and it seemed to take weeks or even months to manifest. Nowadays, however, you can make an intention and step around the next corner and practically trip over your manifestation. Everything is speeded up. Our evolution and all of the powers that accompany it are accelerating at a pace that calls forth the best within us just to keep up. The next few years will be a training ground for us to see if we can be responsible to that which serves us. Will we create a life of abundance and joy - or something else?

The times we live in could be likened to the baking of a cake. First, you break the eggs - that's a violent act right there. Then, you take a bunch of different ingredients and you dump them all together in a bowl, and you whip the heck out of it. And while you're whipping, when you look at the gooey mess that's in front of you, it's hard to imagine that anything good could ever come out of it. But after you pour it in a pan and add the heat and time in the oven, out comes a beautiful, delicious cake for you to enjoy.

It's the same with what we're going through in these times of great change. Almost everywhere you look, people are stressed. Our lives are filled with fear, suffering, scarcity, and deception, and, from the looks of it, you would hardly imagine that anything good could ever come out of the mess we're in. But it can. Indeed, a wondrous new paradise on Earth is in the making, and it is up to us to bring it into manifestation.

All great manifesters know that discernment comes with the territory. In a dualistic world such as ours, when we make an intention to fulfill a desire, it's opposite always surfaces to test us. 

To pass the tests, three steps are required. First, we must focus on the original intention; that is to say, we need to be impeccable and of pure intent. Second, we must trust and have faith in ourselves. And third, we need to realize that we are co-creators. Our individual power is increased as we call upon a higher power to work with us. 

With this in mind, it follows that for us to manifest our desires/intentions instantaneously, we would be well served to call upon the highest power available. We can invoke this entity by whatever name we prefer: the Essence of the Universe - the Highest Good - God.

Our power seeks us out now, yet it is we who will decide what to do with it. Can we be responsible to our highest and best interests? Our greatest tests lie in our ability to discern and remain focused on the positive. It's evident to those whose consciousness is awakening at this time that our experiences are flowing outward from our thoughts in each and every moment. Our challenge is not to learn to manifest - for we're all masters of the art - but to have a greater discernment over that which we are already manifesting. Indeed, we can create anything we choose. All experiences are equally available to us.

My Intention for today is:I Intend that I am being even more vigilant of my thoughts now. 

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