Friday, June 4, 2010

Each and every person is qualified to have riches. At this time, conscious people, in particular, are opening to their abundance so that the world can be in a better position, and so that the wealth will be shared and there will be much to spare for everyone who needs it. You can do several things to facilitate this process.

First, you will need to open your hearts and your minds to the possibility that you are a divine bringer of money into any situation where it is needed.
Be open for magic and miracles
and ways of getting money that you never even thought of.

For this to happen, you must begin to look within your own being and search out any blocks to your good. One of these places is in your language. You must be very, very astute with your languaging. You must always speak in a positive manner about money. If you're looking at a rich man and putting him down for his riches, that is a block to your own divine good. Likewise, if you have a block about a given amount - if you are thinking small - then you will be given what you ask for. If you start by asking to expand your ability to receive, to expand your ability to open to larger and larger amounts of money, knowing that you are capable and willing to care and use this money wisely, then, you will open to more and more riches being given to you for your work and for your being. It is not only through your work that this money will come, although it is very important to do that which you are here to do.
Do what you love and money will come from every direction.
Known and unknown sources will open their hands,
their minds, and their flow will come to you.

You can also bless the money you already have. To do this you can put a portion of your cash money on a Divine Altar surrounded by Beings that you love and respect. Say to your Divine Beings and to your money, "I love you. I thank you. I trust you. I enjoy you. And I respect you." These words go out and focus the energy on your finances.

It is that simple.
You are blessing your money.
You are trusting that you will use it in the right way
when you receive it.
And, you're respectful of the money and where it is coming from. Divine energy is multiplying your money right now - multiplying it in many ways to give you more and more money to use for the betterment of mankind.
Open to this possibility.
Open to the generous flow coming to you from
places known and unknown.
Bless your money and be grateful for what you have.
Give thanks for the money that you have, even if it is one dollar.
For, as you are thankful for that one dollar, it will multiply,
and zeroes will be added.
Many zeroes, and many commas . . .

Another way to step into your financial abundance is by consciously flowing your money to each other, through the act of tithing, as you have read in the Bible. In this way you flow it to people and places who provide you with your spiritual food. These things are like voting with your money. You are acknowledging your abundance by being open and willing to share your money with those who are giving their gifts to you. Whether it is in the form of work or in the form of spiritual awareness - whatever it might be - as you open to give your money freely, you cause trust to come into your life.

When you trust that your money will always be there for you when you need it,
then you will be more open and willing to flow your money to others when they are in need, or when they have shared their highest gifts with you.

Remember your gifts. When you give freely of your gifts you will be highly rewarded in every way imaginable.
Then all you have to do is ask for what you want.
Open for what you deserve.
Be a willing and ready receiver for high gifts.
Gifts from the Universe.
Magical gifts.
Miraculous gifts . . .

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am a Divine Bringer of Abundance
into any situation where it is needed.
~photo by T. Willoughby

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