Monday, June 14, 2010

I refrain from opposing anyone.
I allow others to have
their own experiences.
I see life in all things and honor it
as if it were my own.
I support life.

Since you are becoming that which you hold your attention upon, you would be wise to support life in all that you think and all that you say. Up until now, much has been hidden from mankind concerning the dynamics of your thoughts, and you have not been properly taught how to think. Now, however, these teachings are being made available to all so that you can sharpen your thinking processes and create better lives for yourselves.

As you truly look to support life, you will soon see that one of the most detrimental things you can do is to oppose someone else.

When you oppose anyone, you invite your worst fears to come alive.

By taking a defensive stance against anything or anyone, you are actually creating or setting the scene for you to be attacked.

It works this way: your thoughts are always creating your future. When you are opposing others, it is because you are picturing someone else doing something bad to you. This is a thought, and, like all thoughts, it is working its way into the stream of your daily experience. Whether the person you are thinking about is a grouchy neighbor, a terrorist, a soldier, or an attacker of any kind doesn't matter. What matters is that you understand that your thought of being attacked is going to manifest as quickly as any other thought. You must learn that it is you who ultimately makes the choices about which thoughts to place your attention on. It is you who invites goodness or chaos into your experience. It is you who is responsible for your creation.

One of the great lessons of your lives is that you attract to yourself, and must live out in your everyday experience, that which you oppose.

You must learn to allow others to go through life without your interference, and know that your unwanted experiences will cease only when you have finally relinquished your tendency to resist them. Your opposition to anything, be it a person or an institution, always makes things worse.

My intention for today is:
I intend I always remember that opposing another
will never give me the results I desire.
~photo by B. Tucker

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