Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is there a difference between happiness
and inner peace?
Happiness depends on conditions
being perceived as positive;
inner peace does not.
Sometimes letting things go
is an act of far greater power
than defending or hanging on.
~Eckhart Tolle


Gerri Galiffa said...

Good Day to you Susette,
These wonderful words couldn't be truer for me right now. Thank you again for all your insightful thoughts and wisdom.
Love, Gerri

Susette said...

It is a blessing to be able to walk this Path with you, Gerri.

All is well All is One~

With Gratitude,

Zoe said...

Beautiful Susette, ahhh breathing out and feeling that peace within just like in that photo... Thank you, Zoe

Susette said...

You are most welcome, Zoe! Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy here!

With Love,

Gwenn Beope said...

I read your offerings every morning, such a gentle and thoughtful way to begin my day, I have learned so very much, shedding skin after skin of unwanted gult, loss, sorrow.....thank you for holding my hand along this path
Gwenn Beope

Susette said...

What a lovely message, Gwenn! Thank YOU for sharing your Light with me and for following along with my blogging adventure!

With Love,