Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Big Warehouse
There is infinite abundance already present

    It serves us immensely to remember that everything comes from the same Source. Call it God, The Universe, All That Is, or whatever you like - It is the ultimate Warehouse where everything is stored.

We've been brought up to believe that we need the services of a middleman to deliver our goodies to us. But now, with the advent of the New Ways coming to the surface, we are beginning to realize that we can cut out the middlemen and go straight to God with all our requests for the things we desire. From this point on, all we have to do is stay awake and dismiss the limiting thoughts and beliefs that tell us we need someone else other than God. In short, we need to be more confident than ever that The Big Warehouse will ship out whatever we want without the encumbrance of the middlemen who tend to dip their fingers into our pockets along the way.

The middlemen, in their selfishness, have barraged us from the day we were born with all sorts of programming that suggests just how indispensable they are. They erected imaginary barriers between us and The Big Warehouse, and made it sound like the only way we could get the things we wanted was to go through them, the middlemen. At the same time, they also did everything they could to undermine our confidence in The Big Warehouse, even going so far as to make us think that It doesn't exist - or if It does, they are the only ones who have access to It.

They literally planted these limiting, false thoughts in our minds via the media and our classrooms; however, now that many of us are integrating the New Ways of thinking into our lives, we are regaining access to The Big Warehouse. After all, who needs a middleman when you can go straight to the Source on your own? 

You put up a wall between you and your abundance. In this age we are in, there is still a medium of exchange known as money. This will change, but, at this time, you can use it and be open to it and allow it to flow through you. Don't hold onto it or store it up, but be a channel for it to flow into and through you. There is infinite abundance already present. By your thoughts and your words and your deeds, and by your actual stressing and being uptight over it, you are using up the very energy needed for the breakthrough so it can flow to you.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am trusting implicitly that everything I request of God is coming to me (as long as it serves the Highest Good of myself, The Universe, and everyone concerned).
~photo by S. Sivonen

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