Friday, January 14, 2011

Let not your heart be troubled 

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that faces the average person today is believing in their own self worth. From the time we were small children, our view of our highest light has been undermined. It's pretty easy to recall past experiences where we've been told that we were less than we thought we were or that we'd made a mistake. Our teachers, parents, peers, the TV, and all sorts of sources have, either consciously or unconsciously, talked us into limiting ourselves. Over a lifetime, our power was slowly but steadily stripped away from us. But now all of that is changing.

These teachings emphasize that you've never made a mistake. When the incident occurred where you thought you'd made a mistake, it wasn't until after the incident was over that you gleaned the knowledge from it. While the incident was still in progress, you were only operating on the basis of the best information that you had at the time. In truth, you couldn't have known any better and, therefore, there was no reason for you to beat yourself up about it. You were presented with a lesson, but no mistake was made.

Learning a lesson and making a mistake are two entirely different things. Lessons don't carry the same feelings as mistakes. There's no guilt attached to our lessons, but mistakes imply that we've done something wrong. Those who view life from a higher perspective know that they've never done anything wrong. Everything just happens and it doesn't serve us to place moral judgments on any events that occur in our lives. The concept of right and wrong is simply another illusion that doesn't exist for us unless we nourish it. We can choose to plead not guilty to all of the menacing should haves that charge us with wrongdoing. In our mind, we can assert that everything is all right regardless of what others may say, and, in doing so, we return to the innocence we were born with.

Each person is responsible for his or her own happiness. You needn't feel guilt or obligation in regard to other people. It isn't your fault if you inadvertantly made them unhappy. They are only relating to you according to their own past experiences and their own processes. 
Truly, it is not someone else's decision as to whether you are a good or kind or loving person. If you and your soul intend to be good and kind and loving and gentle, and even if you are those things and others don't see it, it's their shortsightedness. It is not you.
My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am always seeing myself in my highest light.
~photo by I. Antonovitch


JC Beichner said...

Hey lady, You need to add the facebook twitter gadget to your site so your blogs can easily be posted to share! This one is terrific and I would share it on FB and draw more people to your enlightening blog. Its very easy and just puts a little link at bottom... I have it on mine and it puts it at the end of an entry near the commment link...FYI! Love ya, Jen

Gerri Galiffa said...

Yes, this message is for me today.If fits everything I am feeling or going through today.

Thank you for the words and love.

I send you much love and light,