Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Physical Changes in the Body
Beloved Ones, as you move through these changes, you will feel some physcial changes as well. Firstly, these changes will activate the Pineal, Pituitary and Thyroid glands very strongly. Those who enter into 6th Dimensional ways of being will begin to experience biochemical and cellular changes in the Endocrine system and in the areas of the brain that deal with perception and data transmission and reception.

In effect, Beloved Ones, you will be altering your ability to receive data and light transmissions from the Higher Mind of God. This means first there will be changes in the Pineal Gland, allowing for a wider reception of Cosmic "bandwidth". 

In physical terms this may mean feelings of pressure and headaches or muscle pain in the back of the head, the base of the skull and the shoulders.
Then, the Pituitary Gland will start to restructure, and you may experience feelings of dizziness, foggy vision, strange noises in the ears and vertigo. The brain is being realigned to not only receive new data, but also to begin transmitting data at higher levels through light transmissions through the eyes and sound transmissions through the throat at the thyroid. 

So, the Thyroid will also be affected by these shifts and changes. In these cases, many of you will experience flu like symptoms with bronchitis and sinus, as well as Thyroid balance problems such as waves of heat, low energy or hyperactivity.

You may also begin to experience "time overlaps" as you begin to Master Time. In this process you may have intense Past Life experiences, or Future Life experiences that must be resolved and integrated into whatever experiences you are dealing with in Present Time. The key to dealing with these episodes is not to get too involved in the past life itself, but to recognize that these "time shifts" or "time overlaps" are your own way of integrating data so that you can move between your different timelines with ease, and so that you are free to travel the Cosmic Waves as a Master of Time.
~Celia Fenn
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Gerri Galiffa said...

Thank you love for posting this, it does fit where I am today. I love all your blogs, but some just hit me right between the eyes. The last four are right on target for me. Love to you my friend, will send you a vibrational message soon. Much Light and love, Gerri