Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Meditation Before Sleep

At first, focus on your breathing, your breath. 
Let it be nice and deep and even ... relaxed yoga breathing. 
This is the way within. 
With each breath, let yourself go deeper and deeper and deeper into a relaxed, serene, tranquil state. 
In this beautiful, relaxed, serene state, imagine yourself, visualize yourself walking down a beautiful staircase. 
Down, down ... deeper and deeper ... down, down. 
Each step down, increasing the depth of your level even more... . 
And as you reach the bottom of the stairs, in front of you is a beautiful garden. 
A garden filled with flowers, trees, grass, benches and places to rest, fountains. 
A beautiful place ... safe, serene and filled with Light. 
And you go into this garden. 
Visualize yourself in the garden now. 
And here your body can completely rest and continue to heal itself, still filled with the wonderful Light. 
As you go deeper and deeper ... your body will refresh, renew, rejuvenate, recuperate ... continuing to heal and fill with the beautiful energy so that later on after you are awake, you will feel wonderful, filled with the beautiful energy, refreshed, renewed, and yet in full control of your body and your mind...

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