Tuesday, September 6, 2011

THE 1,000th POST!!

I really love this blog!  
I am guided every day as to what words and images will be meaningful to the most people, and you lovely readers give me the feedback that lets me know you appreciate what I post.

Some folks have told me that they begin their day with this blog.  Some end their day with it and have experienced fascinating dreams because of it.  I regularly receive feedback asking me how I knew just what they needed to hear that day, or telling me of synchronicities that arose because of these messages.

I am grateful to all of you for sharing your hearts with me and look forward to the 2,000th post!

I will draw the winner of a one-hour Intuitive Guidance session today and notify them privately before announcing the recipient publicly.

Sending blessings of Love, Light, Laughter and Abundance to ALL~


JC Beichner said...

Congratulations Susette! You are an inspiration and a gift for all of us seeking peace, love and inspiration in our daily lives. It isn't easy to stay positive, focused and open when somedays it feels like the whole world is on fire but your blog is is a candle in the window welcomeing us home.

With love and light always, Jen

Susette said...

Thank you, Jen! Your lovely comments touch my heart and I am grateful for all that you share with me.
With Love and Light~

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration! Congratulations =-)

It does seem as if your posts were written for me at times. So I know others are feeling the same way when they read a post that touches them. I know when I visit your blog a feeling of peace will wash over me and remind me that all is good in this beautiful life we share...


Melinda said...

Having just hit 200 posts with my baseball blog, I am just in awe of your stamina to have reached 1000! Congratulations and thank you for a beautiful blog!

Susette said...

Gwynnie~ thank you so much! What a beautiful and encouraging message to share with me!

Melinda~ I appreciate that! And 200 posts is nothing to sneeze at....especially considering that baseball season is limited to six months out of the year (although your enthusiasm might last longer!). ;-)

Donna Wolfe Design and Music said...

I definitely start my day with your post and have shared it with others. Love you Susette! donna