Saturday, October 8, 2011

All of you are allowing manifestation through the crack of least resistance. So there are a combination of factors. The degree of desire is a factor. In other words, the amount of pulling power that's going on is a factor. Someone could really, really, really, want something, and could really, really, really, be disallowing it—because they want it intensely they get it, but it comes the hard way.
~photo by M. Crossfield


ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, this is so hard to do. I've watched a dvd where Abraham tried to explain this. He/She/They did say it was tricky. I try to use positive affirmations every morning, write them that is. It seems for work for a bit.

Susette said...

This is where "practice makes perfect" seems to apply, doesn't it? I remind myself that if something I say I want isn't manifesting, that:

1. It isn't the best timing
2. I'm blocking it subconsciously
3. There's something better I have not identified yet

And when all else fails, surrendering it all to the Light becomes a huge relief and something like a cork popping out of a bottle....the real blessing shows up without any problem at all!

With Love and Light~