Wednesday, October 5, 2011

By centering and grounding ourselves spiritually, we lend greater stability to our intuitive abilities. Intuitive abilities are often nondiscriminatory about the types of input they accept, which can cause us to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable in volatile situations. We can easily take control of our intuition and limit the types of input we receive by taking time to center and ground ourselves spiritually. We then create a stronger sense of stability and harmony that will keep us from feeling overwhelmed by sensory input, and we can activate our intuition at will, using it to create more beneficial life circumstances. You can limit the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed by intuitive impressions today by making it a priority to center and ground yourself.

See yourself surrounded by a shield of soothing light that also runs straight down your spine, connecting you with the earth, stabilizing you. Affirm that this light will deflect negativity and still allow you to remain sensitive to your intuitive impressions today.

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